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You are looking for fast results - not a long training program that is general. You need someone you can discuss the deals you are working on now and figure out the best techniques to get them closed.

Expensive sales programs aren't customized nor do they help you work on your pipeline. You don't need a sales training program. In fact, you may have gone through a ton of those in your sales career. What you need is help right now - closing deals.

Find out how I have closed and help others close multi-million dollar deals with confidence. Also learn how NOT to get dragged into deals that are never going to close.

With my program you get group coaching calls, individual coaching calls and access to an online forum where you can discuss deals and partake in learning that will help you now.

Book a free session and try me out on the latest deal you are looking to get closed.

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What this program includes

Online Access

Get the help you need when you need it, with online classes and an online forum

close more

Get check-lists and more that will help insure that you are working on deals that will close.

Group Calls

Listen to what others are going through and learn from their experience.

One on One Coaching

Work one on one twice per month to ensure you stay on track.