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Stop Feeling Drained


Stop Feeling Drained

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

According to an article from 2017 in Occupational Health and Saftey Online 43% of Americans state that they are too tired to function at work. Another article at CBS News Online states that tired workers in the US are costing around $411 billion annually. We are not only suffering from not getting enough sleep, we are draining our energy and ending up in a pattern where we just can’t catch up on what we truly need. Additionally, the Sleep Foundation states that women are more likely than men to report symptoms of insomnia.

So what is impacting sleep? We know that there is a link of lack of sleep to health and effectiveness. According to WebMD there is a whole slew of issues that could be impacting sleep but the top two are really stress and hormones. The article breaks how where you are in the cycle of your life and how it may impact your sleep - but all signs point to the fact that many of us just aren’t getting the sleep we need. Now, I am not a dr. so please always consult with a physician before taking any measures - I am simply sharing from my experience and perspective and reading how you can improve your sleep and stress.

So what causes stress? If we aren’t sleeping mostly, because of stress, then what are the things that create more stress. Well, our energy flow in our body can get stuck by many various things. I am a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispensa and he speaks about how energy gets stuck in his book, Becoming Supernatural. Different energy areas can affect different parts of our body.

When we have experienced competition, control issues, impatience, high ego, and self-aggrandizement this can impact the adrenal glands and solar/celiac plexus. The small organs produce essential hormones, primarily steroids, that enable the body to chemically regulate itself and respond to stressors. So if this area is impacted by some of these particular impacts - you may be less able to cope with higher amounts of stress.

If you have been experiencing guilt, shame, pain, unworthiness, lack, victimization then this can impact your Digestive & pancreatic glands and the super mesenteric plexus. The pancreas function is to produce enzymes important to digestion. If these areas are impacting you, your experience may be to experience stress in your digestion, stomach aches, acid reflux, etc.

If you have experienced any sexual depravity, sexual addiction, sexual anxiety, sexual confusion/pain, or trauma from molestation you may be experiencing an impact in your sexual glands and the inferior mesenteric plexus. The sexual glands regulate hormones that impact appetite, sleep, and growth.

Is any of this hitting home for you?

So how do you rework these areas to reduce stress, therefore impacting your sleep? The key is to learn how to reset your energy, with a tool like meditation where you can focus on these various centers. Additionally, you will want to rework the patterns that are triggering these feelings for the various areas. This is the beginning of reworking your energy and returning to sleep without stress.
If you have questions about how I reworked my sleep, read this article here. And always feel free to leave me a question in the comments below - I am here to help.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020


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